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SPI’s Super Therm®, Rust Grip® and Enamo Grip Coatings Selected for SSPC E. Crone Knoy Award

Recognized for Innovative Coating Performance at Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge – Colorado River Bridge

SPI is a leader in corrosion protection and insulation coatings. Its coatings are used by companies and individuals throughout the world to reduce costs, save energy and protect the environment in some of the most demanding applications and conditions.

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The Colorado River Bridge over-looking the Hoover Dam receives 1-2 million visitors every year. The railing is protected with Rust Grip, Super Therm and Enamo Grip.

KANSAS CITY, Feb. 1, 2011 – Superior Products International II, Inc., was recognized as the recipient of The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) 2011 E. Crone Knoy Award.

SPI’s paint coatings were selected for their unique cooling and durability properties. SPI earned the recognition for the performance of SUPER THERM®, RUST GRIP® and Enamo Grip coatings at the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, also known as the Colorado River Bridge.

The hand rail get baked by the Nevada sun, kicked, touched and banged. SPI coatings were the perfect match to handle these difficult circumstances.
The hand rail get baked by the Nevada sun, kicked, touched and banged. SPI coatings were the perfect match to handle these difficult circumstances.

Pacific United/Anco Services, Joliet, Ill., was awarded for its work as the applicator on the project. After extensive testing, the SPI Coatings were selected for the railings surrounding the observation deck on the Bridge, which expects 3 to 5 million visitors each year.

No other coatings offer the level of corrosion protection, ease of application, and radiant heat reduction on the railings demonstrated by the SPI Coatings. In submitting this project for recognition, Pacific United/Anco Services, a member of The Brock Group, said, “A very unique coating system was used on the project called Super Therm. This product reflects 95%Temperatures can reach 115°F. Super Them provided a cooler surface and Enamo Grip provides toughness.”

That is why the Federal Highway Department chose this product. The extreme temperatures of the Arizona/Nevada desert averages 95 to 110 on most days, with UV exposure from the sun.

SSPC gives the E. Crone Knoy Award annually to industrial coatings work that demonstrates innovation, durability or utility. Qualities considered include use of state-of-the-art techniques or products to creatively solve problems or provide long term service.

“We are thrilled to recognize these exceptional projects,” said JPCL editor Karen Kapsanis, who presented the awards at SSPC’s first annual meeting and awards program at SSPC 2011 in Las Vegas. “The range of craftsmanship, commitment and ingenuity displayed in these projects reflects the best of the best in our industry.”

Better Painting is the authorized dealer for SPI in Southern Colorado. For more information contact:

Tim Hoeffel        719.641.5043

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