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Hi. I’m Tim Hoeffel with Better Painting & Coatings.

Better Painting & Coatings is excited to announce a unique but proven way to help our existing building stock meet upcoming and existing energy efficiency (decarbonization) regulations here in Colorado and across the country. This affordable solution takes advantage of existing building maintenance trades but improves them to make a functional long term solution for demand side energy reduction.

Better Painting & Coatings is on a mission to transform opaque (not glass) buildings from typical antiquated energy wasting construction to energy sipping buildings that support personal, social, and business purposes. This can incorporated into a Net Zero as a Service micro grid total upgrade or as a stand alone process.

If you are looking for quality, attention to detail and service, then you have come to the right place. I do extensive prep work, use high quality products and give a clean work site with daily clean up. I’ve been painting in Colorado Springs for 17 years. My goal is providing my clients with the best looking longest lasting paint job they can afford. So I give you options and help you decide what is right for you. One key question to ask yourself is “how long do I want this to last”. If you need cheap and quick I can refer you to other painters I know.

If you have to “paint” I can help with that too.

Just know there are better options than what you are used too. If you are moving into a property you will be at for a long time, this is a good option for you. Visit my LinkedIn profile, call me at 719.641.5043 to book your appointment to see if Super Therm or my other coatings are right for you. 

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