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Denver warehouse now sporting a Super Therm roof

Protection, performance and good looks…

Enhanced Safety, Comfort

Building Performance


Protection during high fire danger

Better science reveals a way to protect you and your home from fire and other weather events by using a proprietary coating technology. UL, Factory Mutual and NASA performed fire rating and subsequent toxicity test. The “Flame Spread Index” and “Smoke Spread Index” was  the highest classification available, a class “A” fire resistance rating. According to the report filed by NASA,

This coating rated excellent in absolutely no contri­bution to flame or fire. This is an unusual rating for any paint product as most will score from a low of 15 up to 88. The A” classification is the highest classification that can be achieved. This result definitely shows the quality. NASA is currently so impressed that they are now establishing testing in additional areas of need for the space center”.

Everything will burn given enough heat. My coating will provide a few extra minutes for you to either escape or get a fire extinguisher and call for help.

Designed with performance in mind

Developed in conjunction with the Marshall Space Center’s Technology Transfer program 30 years ago, this unique heat blocking coatings is a leader in the cool roof coating industry. It’s been through some of the most gruelling tests by mother nature and scientists world wide, and continues to come through with flying colors. This industry leader has been used on over 230 million square feet of commercial roofing, as well as homes, ships and buildings world wide. Now you, too, can benefit from the most effective ceramic insulation and weatherization coating on the market.

“The evidence is clear—functional coatings in the form of cool-roof and cool-wall products can provide substantial energy benefits in both new and retrofit buildings”. Allen Zielnik, senior consultant-weathering science in Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC’s global Consulting Solutions group, and senior consultant in the company’s Solar Energy Competence Center.

This is an attractive exterior or interior coating that goes on like paint and comes in many light colors. It’s very durable and will last 20 years, or more. You will be able to skip a repaint or two. It also acts as an air and moisture retarder so it will keep your home more comfortable and reduce energy costs. It also protects against wind driven rain and hail while letting your home breath. It’s like a fire proof Gor Tex jacket for your home of business.

Test results from Denver, CO

Two identical structures were painted with the same color of off-white paint. One with standard acrylic exterior paint and the other with our heat blocking coating.

  • The building envelope related energy loads were reduced 26 to 30%.
  • The thermal energy needed to heat or cool the building required 26% less energy. 1,037 BTU’s vs. 766BTU’s.
  • The percent of moisture getting in the building coated with a heat barrier coating would require less energy to maintain comfort levels.
  • In every instance, the building coated with a heat barrier coating enhanced the performance of standard insulation products.


Conclusion: “This is the second (of three) time we have had the opportunity to test your product. It is rare that a single product will deliver such repeatable results in two totally different environments, South Florida and Denver Colorado, a true testimonial to your products Energy Star rating”.   – Alexander E. Othmer, CEA, Director of Florida Energy Office’s ECAP Program.

A heat barrier coating is designed as a commercial roofing material for flat roofs. Used as a system it can cover TPO, built up, PVC, modified bitumen, metal (with or without rust), shingles, SPF, and EPDM. The system can be used in new construction on nearly any substrate. Flat roofing is not it’s only use, as seen in the video. It can be tinted light colors and used as an exterior paint to improve water, air, moisture, heat and fire resistance. Doing all this at once results in significant energy savings, especially important in commercial buildings. It’s like a Gore Tex jacket for your building.


A proven leader in cool roof coatings

It can be applied over most any roofing product with it’s system. It has a 70% market share in Japan, is used widely in Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East, Austrialia, and is growing in popularity back home in the States. Through 20 years of application and testing, Super Therm has proven to be the most effective insulation and weatherization coating on the market.

An Energy Star approved 20yr “Cool Roof Coating”. The Energy Star program says the “EPA qualifies ‘paint’ only as a roof coating in our Roofs program (generally used for the top of a commercial building roof). Roof coatings are NOT insulation. They reflect solar heat off a roof rather than absorbing it keeping the building cooler”.

Insulation tries to resist the transfer of heat (the R value) once all the heat it can hold has already loaded into your home or building. The heat is stopped from loading in the first place. Why rely on 70 year old technology when we can prevent the real problem – heat gain – with Super Therm? We can do better.

Because it is a certified Energy Star 20yr cool roof coating, it brings the same protection and effectiveness designed for commercial roofing directly to your building’s walls, storage tanks, HVAC units and ducts and unconditioned spaces.


It’s not good to be true. It’s just better science.

Benefits of Using Super Therm®:

  • Energy savings – it can provide energy savings of 20-70%, according to use and application.
  • Blocks 95% of solar heat from loading into your property.
  • LEED points possible
  • Building Envelope Optimization-  it seals your building against excess air and moisture leakage. This dramatically increases how “tight” your property is.
  • Blocks all three methods of heat transfer: Radiation, Convection and Conduction. Emmisivity of 0.91.
  • Environmentally friendly – Certified environmentally safe and eco-effective by MBDC LLC (Gold Certificate). Low VOC rating of 67g/l, reduces repaints/re-roofs, reduces landfill waste, reduces green houses gases and lowers the carbon footprint of the property. 
  • Fire resistant with a class “A” fire rating – In case of fire, it will not contribute and will resist the spread of fire and smoke. “0” Flame and smoke.
  • Long lasting – It has a 20+ year lifespan on roofing under normal conditions when applied as a system
  • Sound deadening – blocks up to 68% of all sound waves. STC 39
  • 10 year warranty available and 20 year expected life
  • Blocks mold, mildew and wood rot

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