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10 Reasons to use an insulation coating


There are many benefits to using an insulation coating as you would imagine. Here’s a sample.


  • Increased lease rates

  • Increased asset value

  • Very low maintenance

  • Lower overhead/Higher profits

  • Improved building performance

  • Improves indoor comfort

  • Extends the life of the surface

  • Reduced peak power demand

  • Improved energy efficiency

  • Incorporate into any retrocommissioning (Rx)


Insulation coatings are a great addition to any remodeling or new construction job. They are versatile and effective way to increase durability, comfort and health.

Typical insulation has some obvious limitations. It’s R-value, is based on heat conductance of the material without measuring heat transfer through radiation or convection. So the R-value does not meet real world situations, especially since it does not measure moisture content or various temperatures either. So the real R-value is significantly below the stated R-value. It also does not effect thermal bridging if used only in wall or ceiling cavities. And in many climate zones it causes rust when used against metal, called CUI, corrosion under insulation.


Insulation coatings do not replace insulation. Rather they increase insulation’s performance.


They are typically a thin film coating painted on the exterior of the enclosure. They block the amount of heat that gets to the wall or roof, reducing the insulation’s resistance level needed and thermal bridging. This also reduces convection loops inside the wall cavity caused by temperature differences.


They are a monolithic membrane and a semi-permeable air and vapor barrier. This reduces the degrading effects of air movement and humidity levels in insulation. This is especially effective in heating climates where you want a vapor barrier on the inside of the building.


You can specify an insulation coating with CSI 07 21 63 Fluid-Applied Insulative Coating. They are preferred to reflective coatings when maximum energy savings is desired. They can out perform reflective coatings by as much as 30% over the life of the coating. Their long life and effectiveness make them a good long term value. Added performance benefits are sound dampening and class A fire rating.


I have found three insulation coatings to be particularly effective. The multi ceramic (4 ceramics, not single ceramic) water borne coating, AeroGel based coatings and Hydro-NM-Oxide nano coating.


Uses are diverse because the coatings are normally top notch. Some use examples are: roof coating, roof deck, refrigerated buildings and trucks, roof top AC units and ducts, interior ducts, hot or cold pipes or surfaces, interior or exterior walls over most surfaces and anywhere something needs cooling or retain heat. Keeping an enclosure dry, cool and air tight significantly increases it’s energy efficiency. Paint on easy.


They are versatile and effective way to increase durability, comfort and health. Take one for a spin today.

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