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“Each year, consumers and industry experts search for the one color that will dominate trends for the year ahead,” said Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager, PPG Architectural Coatings U.S. and Canada. “As we looked ahead, PPG color experts experienced several emerging themes for home décor in 2016, encouraging us to name a palette of the year, which represents our strong portfolio of leading paint brands.”
hikers in forest 2Consumers’ desire for journey, newness and discovery provides direction for Odyssey, the theme of the 2016 PPG Color Palette of the Year, which is forecasted by the company’s global color experts. The palette represents the adventurous experience of life in a fast-changing world. “Evoking journeys and discoveries, but also the possibility of dangers, the colors of the Odyssey palette keep us alert and at the same time excited and vigilant,” Schlotter continued. “It is a thrilling time to be alive, but it is definitely pushing most of us out of our comfort zone, as are the prominent trending colors for 2016.”

PPG’s color experts have interpreted the Odyssey palette across leading architectural paint brands to name the top colors for 2016 as follows:

Glidden paint Cappuccino White, tim hoeffel, better painting & coatingsGlidden Paint Glidden Paint named Cappuccino White (45YY 74/073) the brand’s 2016 Color of the Year. A calm, sensitive and creamy neutral, Cappuccino White creates a sense of delicacy and graceful design that promotes wellness, purity, mindfulness, balance, privacy and peace. It is the color of seashells and ocean-smooth rocks. The elegant white pairs well with delicate pastels and light neutrals.


olympic paint, blue cloud, tim hoeffel, better painting & coatingsOlympic Paints and Stains Blue Cloud (D48-5), a loud celebratory blue, is the 2016 Color of the Year for Olympic paints. An unapologetic blue that is easily noticed, it is impactful, self-expressive, social and glamorous. The tone is sparkling and deep, and it resembles the ocean on an impossibly clear day. PPG’s color experts recommend mixing this dazzling bright blue with softer, neutral tones.


olympic paint, blue cloud, tim hoeffel, better painting & coatingsPPG Pittsburgh Paints Brands PPG THE VOICE OF COLOR® program named Paradise Found (PPG1135-5) as its 2016 Color of the Year. It is a serious green that is nurturing as well as sturdy and protective. While Paradise Found appears quiet and muffled, it provides a sense of strength and organic energy that is reminiscent of the military and natural environments. Keeping in mind the conscious awareness in society of an increasing need for security and development of personal strength, consumers who prefer this color likely wish to create a space that is naturally beautiful and reassuringly safe. It is edgy, yet still comforting, and it inspired by the urban military trends seen on fashion runways.

The Odyssey palette was developed by PPG’s global color styling team of more than 20 color experts who gather annually to create a trend forecast for the upcoming year. From businesses including automotive, architectural, aerospace, consumer electronics and industrial coatings, and from eight different countries, this team draws upon global, cross-cultural and societal inspiration to forecast the latest trending colors. “The individual Colors of the Year across PPG’s portfolio of paint brands are truly an embodiment of Odyssey,” Schlotter said. “Our society is on a journey of evolution.

With our traditional beliefs and driving principles being challenged by science, technology and interconnectivity, our inner stability depends on recognizing this transformative journey and greeting both the world and the colors in it with eyes wide open to the constant reshaping of our reality.” The Glidden, Olympic, PPG Pittsburgh Paints and PPG Paints brands are lines of PPG Architectural Coatings, a business of PPG Industries, the world’s leading coatings company.

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