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Unleash the ninja moves on our silent enemy, rust 
Jujutsu is a martial art style which manipulates an opponent’s force against himself rather than confronting it with one’s own force. Here’s one way we can use the nature of rust against itself.

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Rust Grip applied to steel bridge girders provides superior protection with reduced cost.

Is current corrosion protection good enough?
In the fight against corrosion, the preferred methods have been to meet force with force. That typically means some sort of blasting away the rust with dry or wet media, water jetting and cathodic protection. The latter is the closest to Jujutsu because it works with the forces of nature.

Corrosion prevention steps like these have been around for over 80 years. They offer a known level of protection most engineers are not willing to mess with. As our infrastructure continues to fail due to rust and budget cuts, can we really afford to not try new technologies?

Rust Grip® use the nature of rust against itself
Rust naturally causes pits to form in the substrate. Left un-checked they get deeper and deeper until they go through a piece of metal and cause it to break. The pits are uneven and jagged and look similar to a lightning bolt on the microscopic level. as pictured here.

Rust Grip® is easy to use and stops the progression of rust and corrosion, while protecting the substrate far

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Rust Grip uses pits like this to anchor itself onto metal while sealing out the causes of corrosion.

longer than conventional, industrial grade rust inhibitors. With minimal preparation and no white sand blasting of the surfaceRust Grip® applies with one coat, “two applications,” and penetrates deep into and seals the pores of the surface. 


How Rust Grip Works
Rust Grip® is a one part moisture cure urethane coating that is able to penetrate into the micro fractures and pits caused by corrosion. As it cures it pulls in moisture from the air, expands and anchors into the pits. It has been tested to penetrate through 18 layers of paint. The adhesion and anchoring effect makes it extremely difficult to come off. It is said to become part of the substrate.

On the surface it forms a very tough and smooth finish that locks out air and moisture. This prevents the corrosion process from continuing. It’s UV stable so it doesn’t need a top coat. But one can be used. Typical life expectancy is 15-20 years without a top coat.

It saves time and money because it eliminates abrasive blasting and top coating. Prep consists of power washing, removing salts and pack rust. Application is done by brush, roller or sprayer.

Where to Use Rust Grip
Revitalizing metal buildings and roofs is just one application. As a bio-hazard encapsulant, it is often used to encapsulate lead paint or asbestos. Bridges, water towers, oil and gas and manufacturing are all areas that can benefit from this product. It normally saves 50-55% in lead paint remediation costs. Use it on most surfaces when they require a tough abrasion, impact, chemical and moisture resistant coating.

USAFA Cadet Chapel, Rust Grip, LBP, USAFA, better painting & coatings, tim hoeffel, colorado springs, commercial painter, industrial painter, rust, paint, encapsulation
Better Painting & Coatings painted the steel connectors between the iconic USAFA Cadet Chapel spires and concrete pylons. They are now coated with Rust Grip and a black top coat.

I used Rust Grip® to encapsulate the lead paint on anchor pins for the spires at the USAFA Cadet Chapel. The Air Force Academy did not have to shut down the Cadet Chapel or pollute the air with lead paint particles. Traditional containment practices create one hazard to solve another. Rust Grip solves both problems while providing a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Free Case Study
Contact Tim at Better Painting & Coatings for a free case study to see how this product can work for you.

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