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The break room is hot

So I’m working with a potential client I’ll call John. John has a client who owns/manages a commercial property heated with a boiler

Insulation can only slow the progress of heat

system. The problem is the boiler room is directly below the employee break room. The concrete floor radiates heat from the boilers at about 90 degrees into the break room. It’s a nice place to warm up for about two minutes, but that’s about it. People are getting cranky.

Insulation can’t stop heat

Most people would think the logical thing to do would be to insulate the ceiling. But engineers know that insulation only slows the pace at which heat moves. Traditional  insulation can never stop it.

So that won’t work. Heat will always migrate from hot to cold.


New products, better results

Ceramic is a well known insulator we use every day for our coffee and tea cups. A new kind of insulation material called Hot Pipe Coating (HPC) is made with seven different kinds of micro ceramic particles to stop the transfer of heat. So while it will cool the break room above, it will also trap the heat inside the boiler room. The thicker it gets put on, the more heat is trapped in the boiler room.

So the best route to take with HPC is to coat all the pipes and boilers that are letting the heat escape from them. Keep the heat where it belongs and the temperature of the boiler room goes down, reducing the temperature of the break room. Reducing heat loss from the pipes saves money, gives a safer work environment and makes more people happy in the long run.


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