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Cool building coatings create energy savings in Colorado

Efficient enclosures are essential for a healthier and more profitable building.

A cool, dry, and air-tight building makes everything else in the enclosure more energy efficient. The best way to keep a building cool is to not let it ever get hot in the first place!

Believe it or not, you can do this just by changing your paint.

Modern Cool Coatings transform the built environment

Up to this point, upgrading a building’s walls or roof has been awkward, complicated and expensive. It no longer needs to be that way if you use a thermal barrier/insulation coating. TIC’s are bridging the gap in building enclosure technology with a cost effective and easy to use system that take some of the “cons” out of construction.

A cool way to make your property more attractive

Hey first name, this is Tim at Better Painting & Coatings. I found you listed in the CREJ and thought I would reach out. I have an interesting idea you may want to check out. Many property managers are looking for ways to make their property more attractive to potential lessees. Better buildings create a […]

10 Reasons to use an insulation coating

10 Reasons to use an insulation coating   There are many benefits to using an insulation coating as you would imagine. Here’s a sample.   Increased lease rates Increased asset value Very low maintenance Lower overhead/Higher profits Improved building performance Improves indoor comfort Extends the life of the surface Reduced peak power demand Improved energy […]

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