Looking for the most effective, least costly way to get a more comfortable, profitable and energy efficient building?

The right coatings can do more with less making an FM's job easier and more cost effective

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Many people don't know about Thermal Insulation Coatings. Here's why you should.

Roof restoration made simple

Nothing about roofing is easy. But it doesn't have to be complicated either.

the future of enclosures today

Still using 100 year old tools for the 21st century? We may have moved from fiberglass to foam insulation but the concept is still flawed. Load 100% of available heat into a surface then try to resist its movement. 21st century passive heat protection resists heat build up on the outside of the wall so it doesn’t heat the inside of the wall.

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Better buildings, better people. We help you keep the heat you pay for, not the heat you have to cool. A better chance for thermal equilibrium. P3: People, Profits, Planet are all intertwined.

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Hoover Dam Bridge

Hoover Dam Bridge

The Address Hotel, Dubai

The Address Hotel, Dubai

Tuscon Airport

Tuscon Airport

Vespucio Shopping Center, Rio

Vespucio Shopping Center, Rio

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Insulation was never intended to keep heat in or out. Just slow it down as it travels through your home. The solution to keeping heat out is to not let the sun heat your house. Super Therm does this more effectively than any other product of it’s kind on the market.

Inacurate R-Values For Insulation

What I have learned so far is that the conditions under which R-values are determined for insulation, particularly fiberglass or rock wool, don’t exist in

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No other insulation or weatherization material in the world market has the facts, test results and field studies to compare with Super Therm. There is no product in the world market with the proof of performance equal to Super Therm.