Nobody wants a building that is expensive to operate and pollutes the environment

We Keep You and Your Property Cool, Calm and Protected. Cool coatings for roofs, walls and windows enhance the quality, value and marketability of commercial and industrial  building owner’s properties while meeting occupant needs and reducing complaints.

We help you

Increase asset value

A green certification, or performance equivalent, can increase resale price, lease value and occupant satisfaction.

Lower maintenance

Reduce the severity and frequency of heat induced maintenance and occupant complaints.

Meet energy reduction goals

A full enclosure package restores the roof, seals the exterior and interior envelope walls, blocks window heat and plugs air leaks, which puts convenience at your finger tips.

We Do Cool Building Coatings

Heat management with a continuous heat, air, humidity, and weather barrier

Now you can block heat from getting into your building and keep more of the heat you are already paying for. Insulation stores heat, air handlers move heat. Now cool insulation coatings can block heat. 

We can transform our buildings from energy guzzlers to energy sippers. Excessive heat, air and humidity movement drain our buildings of the comfort, health and energy savings we should be enjoying. 

Cool insulation coatings block heat, air, humidity (and noise) from getting through the coating by either deflecting it away or containing it. This makes your outside walls (envelope/enclosure) work closer to what was intended. Typical building materials are not tested for real world conditions and fall short of theoretical results advertised. 

3 Quick FAQ’s

1. Thermal bridging can reduce a wall’s R-value by 30%. Thermal bridging is the ultimate R-value killer. Thermal bridging occurs when a more conductive (or poorly insulating) material allows an easy pathway for heat to easily  flow across a thermal (heat) barrier. The most common form is wall studs. Moisture is a by-product of thermal bridging. 

2. 20% moisture content reduces R-value performance by 55% (Intertek). Dry insulation performs best. Dry R-3 is superior to damp R-5. Moisture contributes to mold and mildew growth. What’s your average humidity level?

3. Heat travels with humidity and air movement through insulation. More flow equates to more energy loss.

Up to this point you would have to rebuild your walls to make them more efficient. Nobody wants to do that. But now it’s “paint on easy” with cool insulation coatings.

The most effective, least costly way to get a more comfortable, profitable and energy efficient building is by keeping it cool, dry and air tight with cool insulation coatings. Change your paint, change your building.

We have the expertise you need

Need a building tune up? I work with various engineers and consultants. They are often called in to track down problem heat, water or air issues. Heat and moisture travel with air and can cause mildew or mold problems. I have a number of specialists I collaborate with to solve your problem. 

In 2013 we were tasked to repaint the anchor pins for the iconic spires at the USAFA Cadet Chapel. We selected the lead paint and rust encapsulant as well as the top coat. The application method let the base and top coat fuse together while anchoring into the base steel. It’s going to be around for a long time. The base coat allowed work to continue without complicated and expensive containment apparatus for media blasting, protecting the health and safety of workers and guests. 

Roof Restoration

Heat gain through white roofs is 50% less than through very dark roofs. Cool insulation coatings are about 30% more efficient than white reflective coatings. Let’s pick a coating right for you.

Facade / Enclosure Restoration

Hot or not, we can bring new vitality and functionality to your old walls. Heat gain through white walls is about 35 percent less than through very dark walls. Color options available.

Heat & Energy Management

Helping you block the excess heat you don’t want and keep more of the heat you already paid for. Also: IR imaging, blower door testing and more with partners. 

We have the experience you’re looking for

You name it, we have probably put paint on it. For 18 years we have coated vertical, horizontal, inside and outside, walls, ceilings and floors. Wood, steel, concrete, and drywall. There seems to be a new coating every month. We adapt to new circumstances and quickly master new products. It’s what we do. We love the challenge. It helps us perform at our best for each project.  

1. Evaluation & Planning

Pretend your talking to your mechanic about your car. What’s it doing or not doing or seems different or you would like to be different?

2. Work with our team

Our experts help you fix the most problems with as little cost and interference as possible.

3. Let our coatings work for you

With less stress and a shorter “to do” list, how are you going to spend your extra time?

the future of building envelopes today

An energy efficient solution for existing building enclosures is sorely needed. This is one piece of the pie that can make a noticeable difference to improve your triple bottom line.

21st century cool insulation coatings block heat build up on the outside of a surface so it doesn’t heat the inside of the wall and building. Solutions for roof, wall, windows, exterior and interior.

Insulation stores heat, air handlers move heat. Now cool insulation coatings can block heat. Better coatings, better buildings.

Stay comfortable longer with less overheating for less money. Simple to use, affordable methods keep out excess solar heat gain while keeping more interior heat you already paid for.

Change your coating, change your building. 

Better Paint, Better Buildings

In enclosure upgrades, retrofitting existing buildings with a Thermal Insulation Coating is the most effective, least costly way to get a more comfortable, profitable and energy efficient building. Read my free whitepaper.

Got rust? Lead paint?

An effecient and cost effective way to deal with both.

Roof restoration made simple

Nothing about roofing is easy. But it doesn't have to be complicated either.

this might "tic" you off

Many people don't know about Thermal Insulation Coatings. Here's why you should.

our Superpower

Better buildings, better people, better world. We help you keep the heat you pay for, not the heat you have to cool. A better chance for thermal equilibrium. P3: People, Profits, Planet are all intertwined.

I’m an old time conservationist. I believe in clean air, water and soil. Reducing energy use is one important method of getting us there while stewarding our world. A solution for the existing building envelope is sorely needed. This cool coating is one piece of the pie that can make a noticeable difference.

I’m also spiritual. I believe as the Lord Jesus Christ is revealed in us we can transform our world into a more just and verdant habitat for righteousness to dwell and people to flourish.

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The Address Hotel, Dubai

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This gives you

  • Higher profit margins
  • Lower maintenance
  • Less occupant complaints
  • Higher energy efficiency

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With cool coatings you can enjoy


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