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Better Painting did an absolutely outstanding job painting nearly the entire interior of a house I just bought. The attention to detail and care with which the work was performed is unmatched in my opinion. Knowing I was on a budget, he even gave me tips on how to take care of some of the remaining work. I highly, highly, highly recommend Better Painting!

Cpt. Dan Carroll January 19, 2010

Better Painting & Coatings

Thanks again for doing such an awesome job – this house looks incredible now and I’m very glad I had you do the painting. Your attention to detail, customer service, and quality of work is outstanding, so thanks a lot!”

Cpt. Dan Carroll, June 11, 2011

Exterior repaint, Better Painting & Coatings

I look at the pictures. Great job from what I can see and love the colors you chose. Check will be mailed today. Big Thanks!

Diane Dannelly

Exterior repaint, Better Painting & Coatings

We had four companies come to our home for estimates. After meeting with Tim, we felt he offered the best service, a great paint product and a fair price for the completed job. We would recommend Tim and Better Painting for any paint job small or large.

Marvin Schober II and Carol Anderson

Interior repaint, Better Painting & Coatings

We contracted with Better Painting and Coatings to paint our soffits and fascia after we had some stucco work done to our home. Tim did a great job responding to our job on short notice, as we needed him to do the work while the scaffolding was still up between dry time for the stucco. Tim helped us choose the paint color and it matched very well with the stucco. He also advised us on which higher quality paint options were available.We are very pleased with how the house turned out and his prices were very reasonable. There were a few hitches that caused the paint job to take a day or two longer than expected, because we had to work around the schedule of the stucco crew. But I was very impressed with Better Painting. Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson

Exterior trim, Better Painting & Coatings

Tim Hoeffel painted the inside of our home before we moved in. We asked a lot of him as we wanted accent colors in window nooks, the back walls of built ins and on some walls that curved into other walls. He took the challenge and did a supreme job. He took his time and the quality shows. He was recommended to us by a professional in the home design business and now I know why they were adamant we call him. I highly recommend him for your indoor/outdoor/commerical work. 

Keta Esgar, 1/15

Interior repaint, Better Painting & Coatings

Tim did an outstanding job painting the exterior of our home. He did a good job of communicating with us, the quality of his work is great. I am happy to recommend Better Painting. Colleen April 16, 2010

Colleen, April 16, 2010

Exterior repaint, Better Painting & Coatings

Better Painting & Coatings did a great job on the inside of my house in Black Forest. I had mold issues that have been professionally resolved and every room looks great. They helped rehang curtains and pictures. Very pleased with the result!

Cheryl Prince, Mar. 05, 2015

Interior repant, whole house, Better Painting & Coatings

Better Painting and Coatings did a wonderful, meticulous job on our Victorian building, built in 1895. Detail oriented and conscientious.

Laurent Carrier, Nov. 26, 2014

Victorian repaint, Better Painting & Coatings

Better Painting & Coatings