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Earth Day has come and gone but you may still be wondering what else you can do to help the environment. Here is one way you can help the environment and yourself without compromising either.

Paint your house or property with a cool building coating called Super Therm. Cool building coatings are typically used on a commercial flat roof. But they can be used as an exterior paint as well, with many of the same benefits. Super Therm is the most effective insulation and weatherization coating on the market.

Here at Better Painting, I work hard to bring you better looking, longer lasting results. One way I do that is through high performance products. Super Therm works as a paint, insulation, weather and vapor barrier in one. It offers an incredible value. You can improve your whole home for half the cost of a kitchen remodel. You can improve your quality of life and lower your cost of living at the same time.

Energy Secretary Chu has publicly endorsed this method of energy reduction. It’s also been a featured topic on a couple White House blogs. Bob Villa has specifically featured Super Therm on one of his shows (check it out on YouTube). All that to say this concept is not new and has some significant science and backing behind it. You can trust it to work for you, too.

What are the benefits to using Super Therm?

Because Super Therm cools and protects the surface, it:

And it’s environmentally friendly (“green”) because it:


Benefits of Super Therm for Architects

Architects and Roof Consultants can specify a simple, green, sustainable solution that saves building owners and facility managers money, eases installation for contractors and satisfies Title 24 and LEED requirements.


The cost of applying Super Therm is a good investment

Applying a cool building coating is an excellent investment. If the installation costs for a cool building coating are slightly higher in certain situations, the long-term benefits can pay back exponentially, by providing:

This is a wonderful opportunity to consider doing something for yourself, your family and the environment. You can pass this along to friends and business associates as truly valuable information. We all want to do our part to lower our dependence on foreign oil. Getting the word out about Super Therm is one way we can all do a little.

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