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Old elastomeric roof coating that came off with a power washer
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Saving money with a better roof

Fall of 2008, Main Terminal Roof Complex: 374,804 sq.ft.

We coated the entire Tucson Airport complex of roofing in Tucson, Arizona.

The roofing is “cap sheet” which is tar paper and this requires a base coat and top coat for adequate protection.

Other parts of the roofing is PVC single ply membrane which is weathered but in good condition.

Preparation was the use of “Simple Green” concentrate cleaner and power wash with brushing the surface for thorough cleaning. This let the bond coat adhere very strongly and tightly to the surface.


With the total utility savings of $22,144 (22%) in August for the total facility and the A/C portion of the total utility being 55%, this relates to a 40% savings in A/C operational cost. The savings are beyond the A/C running cost, the units cycle less giving long life, less maintenance work and less tonnage to take care of the main terminal and wings.


The total roof area of the terminal is 374,804 sq.ft., at a cost of $2.10/sq.ft., for a total job cost of $787,008. With a cost reduction of $22,144 / month, it results in a 36 month return. If the savings is averaged at less at $15,000/month, the result is 52 months return.

No matter whether the return is calculated on 36 months or 52 months, this savings amount is now available to offset budget needs without the need to find new funding.


The car wash bays were done first, and we had to remove the existing elastomeric coating which was not adhering, was not water proofing and was not insulating.

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