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Rust is a big maintainance issue for governments of all sizes. Rust Grip lowers that cost.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO  8/2011  After a year of test projects and meetings, the city of Centennial has specified Rust Gripto coat rusted areas on 29 light poles. This is a step forward for the City and SPI Dealers like myself. The city of Centennial, a suburb of Denver, will not have to think about the rust on the light poles for another 10-15yrs. This is a huge cost savings for the city. It is also an example of how bureaucracies can break out of the “business as usual” mindset and implement new strategies that save their constituents money.

Despite the long sales cycle, SPI dealers, like Better Painting, can see how they can bring their own kind of reform to their city halls across the country. Dealing with rust on metal has been a very difficult and time consuming process, up till now. Past rust treatments include blasting off the rust (with various containment methods and hazards) and using 3 coats of specialized paint. Rust Grip has streamlined the process to removing scale, a wire brush, an easy to use solvent for cleaning and two quick coats of Rust Grip. Rust Grip typically saves over 50% of what has normally been done and lasts twice as long.

Cities and governments also use Rust Grip to paint bridges. Bridge work is very expensive and not done often. There is lead based paint on many bridges. Removing it is prohibitively expensive. Rust Grip can penetrate 18 layers of LBP and anchor into the surface, permanently encapsulating it. Rust Grip is saving millions of dollars across the state and nation.

Rust Grip is an industrial strength coating, but has residential uses as well. It is a great coating for garage floors. Once it dries, nothing gets through. It is chemical resistant, impact resistant and has a surface tensile strength of over 7,000psi. Perfect for the home shop enthusiast.

Contact Tim Hoeffel at Better Painting at 719.641.5043 about how you can benefit from Rust Grip or other SPI coatings, like our insulation coatings Super Therm and HSC.

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