Protective Coatings for Corrosion Control and Lead Paint Abatement

Rust Grip applied to a bridge

Save 50% off bridge maintenance because you need less man power, less hours and less materials to permanently encapsulate lead paint and rust.   The Problem with Typical Protective Coatings Systems In a slow economy we all need to find ways to do more with less. Most protective coatings systems do not meet real world maintenance requirements. In many situations, […]

Super Therm Reflective Roof Coating Beats The Competition By 17%

Anyone in business will tell you 17% is a big number.  Imagine if the economy suddenly jumped 17%, or the interest rate, or the jobless rate went down 17%. There would be either rioting or partying in the streets! What would happen if your kid’s grades suddenly changed 17%? That’s a grade and a half, […]

Home and property protection during high fire danger

  We had a bit of a scare in Colorado Springs last week. There was a house fire in a tightly packed and wooded neighborhood. There are house fires from time to time, but it’s been especially dry here lately. Having a fire in a neighborhood like this brought back vivid memories of our Mountain […]