What Else Can I Do To Be More Energy Efficient?

Earth Day has come and gone but you may still be wondering what else you can do to help the environment. Here is one way you can help the environment and yourself without compromising either. Paint your house or property with a cool building coating called Super Therm. Cool building coatings are typically used on

City of Centennial Saves Money by Requesting Rust Grip

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO  8/2011  After a year of test projects and meetings, the city of Centennial has specified Rust Gripto coat rusted areas on 29 light poles. This is a step forward for the City and SPI Dealers like myself. The city of Centennial, a suburb of Denver, will not have to think about the

“Painting Green – Truths and Myths About Eco Friendly Paint”

Defining a green coating within the United States is like pulling a confused rabbit out of a magic hat. Anyone can conjure up his or her own set of standards. Green coating standards must include a more comprehensive look at VOCs, energy efficiency, long-term performance, and recycling latex polymers and containers.

Cool Roofs: An Easy Upgrade

White House Endorses Cool Roof Coatings. Super Therm® has more facts, test results and field studies than any other cool roof coating on the market. December 14th, 2010,  The White House Blog by Cathy Zoi, Acting Under Secretary of the Department of Energy Check out Google Earth – the ‘view from above’ of your favorite