Super Therm Reflective Roof Coating Beats The Competition By 17%

Anyone in business will tell you 17% is a big number.  Imagine if the economy suddenly jumped 17%, or the interest rate, or the jobless rate went down 17%. There would be either rioting or partying in the streets! What would happen if your kid’s grades suddenly changed 17%? That’s a grade and a half,

Home and property protection during high fire danger

  We had a bit of a scare in Colorado Springs last week. There was a house fire in a tightly packed and wooded neighborhood. There are house fires from time to time, but it’s been especially dry here lately. Having a fire in a neighborhood like this brought back vivid memories of our Mountain

Reducing Heat Transfer to the Break Room

The break room is hot So I’m working with a potential client I’ll call John. John has a client who owns/manages a commercial property heated with a boiler system. The problem is the boiler room is directly below the employee break room. The concrete floor radiates heat from the boilers at about 90 degrees into

Cool Roofs Give School Cold Cash

As part of construction project, energy efficiency upgrades will save East Hampton School District $76,000 per year. Original article written by Taylor K. Vecsey March 2, 2012 The East Hampton, NY, School District and its students are reaping the rewards of having new energy efficient buildings.   The district will save an estimated $76,000 per