Failing Infrastructure expected to cost US nearly $4 trillion in GDP by 2025

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has released it’s report on the American infrastructure, They rated 16 categories of infrastructure on an A – F grade scale. America’s national grade was a D+. ASCE asserts that over the next decade, U.S. families will lose an average of $3,400 per year because of inefficiencies that

Relax…Paint, weather protection and energy savings in one

Amazing coating provides superior weather protection while saving you money Better Painting & Coatings is proud to announce their partnership with Super Products International II, Inc (SPI). SPI manufactures Super Therm, a high performance “paint” engineered with the highest quality raw materials. Super Therm improves your property and stops our unpredictable weather from becoming an insurance

Jujutsu for Corrosion

Unleash the ninja moves on our silent enemy, rust  Jujutsu is a martial art style which manipulates an opponent’s force against himself rather than confronting it with one’s own force. Here’s one way we can use the nature of rust against itself. Is current corrosion protection good enough? In the fight against corrosion, the preferred methods

White Roofs keep cities cooler, according to scientists

More reflective surfaces, such as cool roofs and pavements, reflect radiation back into the atmosphere and into space and thus help cool the planet in two ways. At the scale of individual cities, they can combat the urban heat island effect, and at a continental scale, they can combat global warming. Of course, in air-conditioned